RatholeRadio 55 – Jun 26th 2011

Posted on June 28, 2011


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Time for the mix of great independent music and waffling I like to call Rathole Radio. In episode 55 I played a wide range of styles as usual and I even welcomed back the live acoustic song after a few weeks off. Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to send feedback.

  • 00:00UltraSydDead But Still DancingCC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Don’t know much about this artist but I love the track. Heard it on CCHits. Appears to be 2 guys from the pics on the website. Will try to find out more. The website has a lot of content but no real description of members, location etc.
  • 07:00 – David Gibb & The Pony ClubI’ll Fall License Unknown – Heard this on Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight and had to play it. David has a lot of information online and his website is good, if 100% Flash. He was nominated for the BBC 2 Folk Awards and together with his band The Pony Club I think he’ll go far. His voice reminds me a bit of James Blunt.
  • 09:55The Nancy McKeen Bluz Machine – Third Rail – License Unknown – This track was emailed to me along with a load of others. There is nothing in the world quite like a wailing blues guitar.
  • 15:57BrokenkitesBesidesCC BY-NC-ND Licensed – A great bit of chilled out electro from this US artist. This is taken from the album Parameter Relocation released earlier in the year. You’ll probably hear more of this in futures. Check it on on Jamendo.
  • 19:49 Declan Doherty (AKA Shaky Horse) – When Will You See – All Rights Reserved – Emailed to me by John Whitmore and we had a great discussion about podcasting and promoting CC among the Irish Folk scene. Declan has a great voice with character and I like this track.
  • 27:49 – Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brains – CC BY-NC Licensed – What can I say about Jonathan that I haven’t already. A truly great Creative Commons artist. This is one of his most popular songs. Singing Zombies, you got to love it.
  • 32:16 MC FrontalotZero DayAll Rights Reserved – The title track from his Zero Day album, and it’s freely available from Front’s website. Can’t believe I haven’t played it before. Former guest on the show, listen to episode 45 to hear me talking with Front.
  • 40:30 – DiagramsAntelopeLicense Unknown – heard on this on AMPed 288 and it comes from Insomnia Radio UK. This is a quirky track and it’s hard to know how to describe. It appealed to me and it’s available free on Soundcloud. I’ll be hosting AMPed next week
  • 44:44 – LIVE TRACK – 20lb Sounds – Late In The Game – CC BY-SA Licensed – An acoustic version of a new track by my band. It sounds a lot more rocking with the band but hopefully it comes across well enough stripped down.
  • 50:42 – Bruce Benson “The Healing Prayer”License Unknown – featuring the late Clarence Clemons on saxophone – In lieu of receiving any money for the download, Benson simply requests that each downloader make whatever donation he or she can to Why Hunger. Under the “Type of Donation” section, donors are asked to complete the section to read, “In Honor of Clarence Clemons and The Healing Prayer.”

I mentioned Catalyst Radio, a streaming UK radio station who have asked if they can use Rathole Radio to increase their music output. I agreed of course. I don’t have the full details but episodes of RR will be appearing in their schedule from now on.

  • 61:33 – HeifervescentFigure 8 BY-NC-ND Licensed – From the new album Further Adventures In Monkeyland but this Southport artist. I should really contact him and get up there for an interview, it’s only 30mins away from Liverpool. His voice reminds me a little of Ian Brodie in parts.

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  • 00:00 – Tab Benoit – Come And Get It – License Unknown – Heard this on the Roadhouse podcast number 324 and had to play it. Great tune. Check out Tab Benoit’s website and his new album Medicine.
  • 15:41 – Partition 36The Optic NerveCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I played a track called “I Love Penguins” by this artist some time ago and this is a great follow up. Lovely slice of industrial sounding electro. Thanks to GamerChick02 for the tip.
  • 21:38 – Derelict EarthThe Darkest SerenityCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A French metal band (from Grenoble), you don’t see many of those. They’ve obviously been listening to some early Metallica I think, and that’s no bad thing.
  • 43:14 – LIVE TUNE – Medicine Man by Dan Lynch – A tune I wrote some years ago and I have a feeling I might have played it live on the show before. I only realised after I’d done it. Well never mind, people seemed to enjoy it anyway. I’m hoping to soon record an album of tunes like this that have gotten away over the years.
  • 48:49 – ‘Til Dusk – One By One – License Unknown – Emailed to me by Chris from the band. They’re based in Southampton in the UK. This track is taken from their debut album Cold Lust which is released May 16th and you can find out more at www.tildusk.co.uk

Guest next time! Wayne Mayers AKA Fit & The Conniptions.

  • 57:59 – Dual CoreMagnificent Seven (feat Nerdcore)All Rights Reserved- A big thanks to Mark Horsley for emailing this track to me. I’ve heard Dual Core a few times but not this track. It’s from the 2009 album Next Level which you can get on Bandcamp and other places and it features almost everyone in Nerdcore it seems. Beefy, MC Frontalot and more.

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