RatholeRadio 60 – 4th Sept 2011

Posted on September 6, 2011

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Ahoy hoy! Welcome to another Rathole Radio. This time I played my usual selection of eclectic tunes and I’m also pleased to announce the return of the live song. With my cold under control I attempted the country classic “Sunday Morning Coming Down”, got most of the words wrong but had fun. Hope you enjoy it too.

  • 00:00 – TalcoOro NeroCC BY-ND Licensed – An Italian ska punk band recommended to me by Doug Whitfield of Music Manumit and I played a track a while ago. They hail from Marghera, Italy. I rediscovered them recently. From the album Combat Circus on Jamendo.
  • 08:14 – The Orchestra – Plenty Of Nothing – License Unknown – Swedish country/blues band who I met recently at Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight. Graham Holland asked if they could borrow my guitar and I agreed. Lovely guys and a really good band.
  • 12:39 – JiboulPremium TestCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A French electro/drum and bass artist. Album available on Jamendo. Recommended to my by @yamatt 🙂
  • 22:43 – 8in8One Tiny Thing CC BY-NC Licensed – Fascinating project. This group features Ben Folds (You should know him), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Damien Kulash (OK Go) and Neil Gaiman (Legendary writer). Quite a line up. They got together and recorded this EP Nighty Night, then released it under CC and put it on Bandcamp. I’ll probably play more in coming shows. Thanks to Ted Sedovic for directing this my way. You can buy the whole thing for 1 dollar on Bandcamp, well worth it.
  • 25:55 – Joe Ressington – Lies – License Unknown

Massive apology to Mrs Heeed, who’s real name is apparently Vicky and not Julie. I still swear I heard Julie but I suppose Heeed knows his own wife’s name better than me.

  • 33:15 – Danjyon KimuraTELEPORTERCC NY-NC-SA Licensed – A nice bit of 8-bit Chiprock that was recommended by @kevie – This artist is Japanese but I don’t know a great deal more about them.
  • 35:23 – Rachel Brown – Bumblebee – License Unknown – No idea where I found this now as it was in my big list of things to listen to. I probably got it from AMPed. Amazing voice. Great song. I will endeavor to find out more about Rachel for you. You can by the extended single of Bumblebee on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. So go get it, I did 🙂
  • 49:20 – LIVE TRACK – “Sunday Morning Coming Down” – Written by Kris Kristofferson and most famously performed by Johnny Cash.
  • 54:24 – Vero Sego – Unoticed – License Unknown – One again a track I found in my massive list from months ago. No idea where I got it but this is a French band from Toulouse and they sound great. You can hear more on their myspace page.
  • 62:03 – The Orchestra – Liverpool (View Two Gallery) – License Unknown – Another track from my Swedish friends. Hope you enjoy this track they wrote about Liverpool.

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  • 15:41 – Partition 36The Optic NerveCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I played a track called “I Love Penguins” by this artist some time ago and this is a great follow up. Lovely slice of industrial sounding electro. Thanks to GamerChick02 for the tip.
  • 21:38 – Derelict EarthThe Darkest SerenityCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A French metal band (from Grenoble), you don’t see many of those. They’ve obviously been listening to some early Metallica I think, and that’s no bad thing.
  • 43:14 – LIVE TUNE – Medicine Man by Dan Lynch – A tune I wrote some years ago and I have a feeling I might have played it live on the show before. I only realised after I’d done it. Well never mind, people seemed to enjoy it anyway. I’m hoping to soon record an album of tunes like this that have gotten away over the years.
  • 48:49 – ‘Til Dusk – One By One – License Unknown – Emailed to me by Chris from the band. They’re based in Southampton in the UK. This track is taken from their debut album Cold Lust which is released May 16th and you can find out more at www.tildusk.co.uk

Guest next time! Wayne Mayers AKA Fit & The Conniptions.

  • 57:59 – Dual CoreMagnificent Seven (feat Nerdcore)All Rights Reserved- A big thanks to Mark Horsley for emailing this track to me. I’ve heard Dual Core a few times but not this track. It’s from the 2009 album Next Level which you can get on Bandcamp and other places and it features almost everyone in Nerdcore it seems. Beefy, MC Frontalot and more.

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