RatholeRadio 81 – 27th June 2012

Posted on June 28, 2012

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A slightly delayed show this time. Apologies for that. I was busy on Sunday watching England lose on penalties in a major football tournament. I’m not sure why I bothered as we’ve done that a thousand times before. Anyway, enough of that. I played my usual eclectic mix of music and had a good time, I hope you have a good time listening 🙂

  • 00:00 – We Are FMDanceCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A track I picked up from CCHits.net, high energy start to the show from this Dutch artist.
  • 05:54 – John Sotter ~ Acoustic WarriorFire WindCC BY-SA Licensed – Hailing from South California John has been travelling the world
  • 09:10 – Fresh Body ShopEnjoy The AppleCC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Another slice of industrial goodness from this French artist. I’ve played them many times before and they never disappoint.

Article about CCHits on Creative Commons UK blog.

  • 17:25 – Dick Limerick Academy – Nob’edsCC BY-NC Licensed – Another track from Liverpool rappers Merseycide. I love the track but wasn’t sure of the lyrics at first, until I realised it’s all tongue in cheek. Hence the phrase “I’m a nob’ed” hehe 🙂
  • 21:04 – Squeaky Chairs BandMisery Loves CompanyCC BY Licensed – 4 lads from Athens, Ohio in the US making great music and squeaking some chairs apparently.
  • 29:59 – Lorenzo’s MusicChocolate and CocaineCC BY-SA Licensed – I’ve played these guys many times over the 3 years of Rathole Radio and I think they’re fantastic. Their music is always so well recorded and a pleasure to listen to. Check them out, you can thank me later.
  • 33:56 – MindthingsSounds From The PastCC BY-SA Licensed – Not much into for be found on this artist it seems. Maybe you can do better than me, if so feel free to email me. I can tell you that they’re from Bordeaux in France. There you go, I do know something after all.
  • 41:45 – Alex HulmeThe Start License Unknown – From his new EP of the same name which is out on CityScape records. You can get it from Bandcamp. Alex is a really talented young artist and a nice lad. Check him out live if you get the chance.
  • 46:32 – ghost2000 – The Aliens Are HereLicense Unknown –  From their email – ‘ghost2000 a indie hip hop duo. From the UK but have travelled about europe, France, Italy, Germany, Spain…also done some USA stuff Formed in the UK, having been in signed bands, the album planet la la’under a new world order, the aliens are here is the single’
  • 51:20 – No DreamsJust To Be OKCC BY Licensed – I heard this one via Jamendo radio and liked it. The artist is from Montevido in Uruguay.
  • 61:35 – 20lb SoundsJimmy Carter (Live acoustic session)CC BY-NC Licensed – This was recorded for a podcast that’s jet to be published. We recorded it with the guys over at Vizea Sound in Liverpool. Thanks to Joe and Jason for helping.

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