RatholeRadio 87 – Sept 16th 2012

Posted on September 18, 2012

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A very overdue and slightly chaotic episode this. My studio mixer died in the last week and messed things up good and proper. I have a temporary replacement until I can afford to get it fixed but I apologise for the delay. Delay aside I really enjoyed making this show and I hope you’ll enjoy listening.

00:00 – Spit RustyThose DaysCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A bit of rock from Denmark to kick us off.

08:20 – Teddy Presberg – MMXIIAll Rights Reserved – Got this via fellow AMPer Rodrigo De Sa. They call it Psych Jazz, I’ve call it electronica. Let’s agree to differ.
11:25 – Bella RuseDark HorseCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Ukrainian artist with a beautiful voice. Listen to her music, it’s excellent.

16:36 – [dK]ImprintingCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Another track pilfered from CCHits.net.
19:00 – Bad With NamesThe WeightCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A band I’ve played 2 or 3 times on the show before. They’re from Chicago and they’re well worth checking out.

26:07 – HeifervescentWhat Animal Are You?CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – Another artist who has appeared on the show many times. Based in Southport, which is only 30mins from me but we’ve never me, at least to my knowledge.
29:45 – We are FMNo Words (Directors cut)CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Another track from these Dutch electro-rock meisters.

38:40 – LIVE SONG – “Anna Begins” by Counting Crows. A song I’ve always loved by one of my favourite bands. Check out the album August & Everything After if you’ve never heard it. You can thank me later.

44:49 – SingletonShineCC BY-SA Licensed – An awesome Ukrainian band that I don’t think I’ve played before. 2 artists from the Ukraine on one show, I may have to investigate the country more.

48:50 – LIVE SONG 2 The Revenge – Another stab at “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra after I made an unholy mess of it on the last show. I realised I needed to fill some time and thought it was worth another shot.

55:14 – Howitzer SloGood For NothingCC BY-NC-ND Licensed – A Slovenian band with a great funky sound. This really reminded me of Red Hot Chilli Peppers from around the “Fight Like A Brave” period.

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