RatholeRadio 96 – 3rd Feb 2013

Posted on February 6, 2013

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Ahoy hoy! As Mr Burns would say. It’s another fresh Rathole Radio for you listening pleasure. We had our usual eclectic mix of music, chatter and a live song by request. I hope you enjoy the faire on offer and if you do, send some feedback or make a suggestion for a future show. Happy trails.

00:00 – Paul & Storm – Opening Band – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I saw Paul & Storm live in Manchester with Jonathan Coulton in 2010. JonTheNiceGuy bought all their stuff on a USB stick with a little contribution from me. He sent me a copy and I have hours of material yet to listen to. Expect to hear more.

08:22 – LoveshadowThe Sweetest SinCC BY-SA Licensed – Emailed to me by Nick Daly, along with some other cool suggestions.
13:20 – Professor Elemental Fighting TrousersAll Rights Reserved – We had some discussion a while ago about “chap hop” and Adrian directed me to this wonderful track.

22:43 – Jonathan CoultonBaby Got Back (cover version) CC BY-NC Licensed – Well known to regular listeners of this show, JoCo is one of the best known CC musicians in the world. Recently this track from 2005 resurfaced at the centre of a row when it was used by TV show Glee without any acknowledgment or credit.
28:13 – 8-bit Boys8-Bit Blisters (instrumental) – License Unknown – Produced by Entity. [ Sample: Blaster Master ] [ produced by: entity ] [ Additional Info: Some have said this sounds like the Airwolf theme. I agree…it kinda does… ]

36:32 – The Black Atlantic – Madagascar – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Dutch acoustic warriors who I haven’t played in a long time. They make beautiful music though and you should check them out. They’re doing really well and touring extensively. Check out their debut album on Bandcamp.
39:38 – Generationals – Angry Charlie – License Unknown – A song I dug out of my RR archives. 2 or 3 years ago my friend EdyTheMighty sent me a couple of CDs of New Orleans bands, of which Generationals we one.

http://www.gofundme.com/1wchxo – My friend Charlie’s fundraiser. An original Feeble Force member.

47:52 – Keyboard Rebel – Golden Opportunity – CC BY-NC Licensed – from the album Pop Grenade. Manchester band, on Aaahh Records.

53:58 – LIVE TRACK: “Long December” by Counting Crows, a request by email. I played a guitar arrangement of the tune.

59:17 – DrunksoulsPain Of LifeCC BY-NC-ND Licensed – French reggae band I played many years ago. You can find them on Jamendo.

69:31 – The Hyper Actives – The Promised Land – License Unknown – This was emailed to me.

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