Take the hassle out it, get the show delivered fresh to your door each time. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or grab the feed with Google Reader or any RSS client you like.

Click the button below for iTunes:

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In Stitcher search for “Rathole Radio” and at it to your favourites.

Stitcher Smart Radio

To subscribe via RSS just choose the version of the show you want mp3 or ogg (mp3 if you’re unsure), then paste the feed address from one of the links below into your clien

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Listen / Watch Live During Show Time:

You can head to the live page any time the show is on air and just click the play button on either the video or audio player. Simples 🙂

Screenshot of live radio widget

The Live Icecast Widget

If you’re a more geeky type (raises hand) you could use the stream address in the media player of your choice.

You can also chat with other listeners via the chat widget on the live page and share in the fun. Or you can use any IRC chat client to talk to us. The server is and the room is called #ratholeradio.

We’re not on air? … Don’t worry. We’re always available…

Browse The Archives:

You can use the archives to browse through older shows. You can also leave comments on the items and let us know what you think. There’s also an archive widget in the sidebar, over there —->