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Posted on May 31, 2009

Rathole Artwork

Rathole Artwork

Hey everyone, I’m pleased to announce that a new, reinvented and revived Rathole Radio is back! The website is a mess at the moment and needs major work, but I figured I’ve long procrastinated about doing a music show, and this was time for action. If I put it off any more I’d never do it, so I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’ve taken the Rathole Radio name from a podcast I did a couple of years ago as part of our Feeble Force movement. Sadly we don’t have the time to get together and chat as much as we once did. Since about January of last year there haven’t been any new Rathole Radio episodes. I hope this new format will be popular with people and I also hope to get some of the old crew back on in future. At the moment it’s basically an excuse for me to play you the best new music I find on the net. I’ll also play some live stuff myself, collecting interviews and performances from others in future.

To the right you can see the ad-hock artwork I made in a hurry this afternoon. Everything about this show is thrown together at the moment and it could be a massive disaster, but either way at least it won’t be boring. I’m doing the show every 2 weeks because I don’t have the time to do it weekly right now, and it will also give me more time to compile new playlists. I hope I don’t run out of music after 2 shows. There’s certainly plenty of great free music out there on the Internet, and this is primarily what I want to showcase. In homage to John Peel, a hero of mine, I hope to discover new and exciting artists along the way.

The music we hear in the mainstream media this days is corporate mass produced shite, basically. That might sound coarse but it’s the truth. People become obsessed with pigeonholing things, target markets and all that twaddle. For me there are only 2 types of music in the world. Music I like and music I don’t. I’m going to try and share some of that with you, and hopefully we’ll find some common ground along the way.

The show will be streamed live on Ustream and then released as a podcast as quickly as possible afterwards. I hope doing the show live and not editing heavily will speed up turn around, and lighten the load on me. Please join me over at at 9pm (UK time) tonight for the pilot episode of this new show. You never know, it might even be fun 😛


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