Episode 10 – 4th Oct 09

Posted on October 5, 2009

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Time for another Rathole Radio. As usual it’s an eclectic, bizarre and sometimes bumpy ride, but hopefully fun and enjoyable. I’ve got some great folk music, hip hop, electronica, punk, indie and even Romainian prog rock. You wouldn’t expect any less. I sing a slightly ropey version of Ziggy Stardust too, but I’m claiming artistic license on that one. Hope you enjoy the show.

  • 03:58 – DJ RushDreamsCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – From the album 100% Rush – I’m reliably told by my friend H that DJ Rush is a well known techno DJ. I can only assume this is not the same person.
  • 08:01 – Theresa Andresson – Na Na Na – License Unknown – Watch her one woman performance here, incredible.
  • 15:43 – Phoenix (AKA Transsylvania Phoenix) – La Umbra Marelui Urs (In The Shadow Of The Great Bear) – License Unknown – English Lyrics Many thanks to Narc0tic in the IRC for bringing this group to my attention. He says his dad was a big fan.

Live Acoustic Track: 47:30 – “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie. What a riff, what a song. Hope you enjoy it. I will try and get in more practice next time, so as not to embarrass myself too much.

A French artist from Nancy. She produces all her music on her computer. It’s a mixture of ambient and chilled out beats. She says she just started making music because she wanted something she would enjoy listening to. The best reason I think. This track reminds me a big of Gorillaz.

The last track was taken from a sampler CD of New Orleans artists. You can get the two CDs here, there’s some good stuff on there.

Send me your amusing suggestions for my catchphrase. It can be something I say lot like “this one reminds me of ” or something you think I should say as a catchphrase. All entries will go into a draw. There’s been a few entries so far but I thought I’d leave it open another couple of weeks. Thanks to Aiden Nibali for suggesting a Kagnee CD should be the prize. I’ll even sign it for you if you like, ooh what a prize hehe. Send emails to the usual address – show AT ratholeradio.org

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed the show. Thanks also to everyone who turned up in our IRC channel at irc.freenode.net the channel name is #ratholeradio. I don’t expect much to happen there in the weeks between shows, I probably won’t be around much, but if people want to hang around in there and chat you’re more than welcome. Don’t forget you can access the channel from a web browser by going to webchat.freenode.net and entering #ratholeradio in the channel text box. Take care till next time folks.

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Music Sources and Licensing: A few of the tracks in this show are from the artists own personal websites and don’t contain licensing information. That’s why they are listed as unknown. The individual licenses are listed next to each track, where known. If there is no license listed you must assume all rights are reserved on that song. The rest come from the following sources:


Creative Commons License
Rathole Radio by Dan Lynch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

  • 31:07 – Locust Toybox – The Island Of Congress Tarts – License Unknown
  • 35:29 – Temporary States Of Being – The Way Home – License Unknown

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