RatholeRadio 75 – 1st Apr 2012

Posted on April 3, 2012

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It’s Rathole Radio 75 already and it feels like only yesterday the show started. We’re not quite over he hill yet you young whipper snappers. Get off our lawn! I played my usual eclectic mix of music, conjured the image of Sir David Attenborough naked (pass the mind bleach) and performed a live tune. A pretty regular show then. Hope you enjoy it.

  • 00:00 – Black BonesRock N RollCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A cracker from Black Bones, the Italian pirate rockers I played recently. I liked the raw punk feel of this tune and it seems to be one of the few non-Pirate themed songs off their album Pirates Of The Coast.
  • 06:49 – Symphony Of ScienceThe Greatest Show On EarthCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I was reminded of this site by CCHits this week. I played “A Glorious Dawn” some time ago but there’s a whole collection of these tracks. They’ve taken recordings of popular scientists and auto-tuned them into songs. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this is nicely done. Listen out for David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins.
  • 10:08 – 108 NotKatatoniaCC BY-ND Licensed – Suggestion from listener Daz Fuller. Russian alt-rock/metal band. Don’t know a lot more about them but it sounds good. From their self-titled album.

The Corinthians will be joining us for a chat very soon. You can catch them live at the Rathole Roadshow on Friday May 11th at LEAF On Bold St along with 20lb Sounds, P’Chenga and Thom Morecroft. Entry is free and all are welcome so tell your friends!

  • 18:48 – LoudogMusicCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A German reggae band who I’ve played on the show before, but not this song. I heard this tune on The Bugcast some time ago and then it cropped up on CCHits this week. I suspect that Dave Lee submitted it. He gets everywhere.
  • 22:13 – L’FabrikOn ArroseCC BY Licensed – Some French rap for you. It’s been a while since I played any. No idea what they’re saying for the most part, it could be rdiculously offensive but hopefully not. Nice beats. Suggested to me by listener Simon Vass. Released 2009, on Jamendo.
  • 29:37 – Paul and StormLiveCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I saw Paul & Storm live in Manchester supporting Jonathan Coulton. Apparently they wrote this tune during a challenge to write a song like JoCo. JonTheNiceGuy, creator of CCHits was sat next to me at that gig BTW.
  • 33:15 – YACHTShangri-La (instrumental)CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – The opening track from the last CCHits weekly show and man it’s a cracker. Beautiful bit of instrumental music. It’s doing really well on CCHits and getting loads of votes.

My friend and cohort Andrew Bates is now doing a music show on Halton Community Radio. You can download his first show right here. It’s well worth a listen.

  • 44:00 – Leslie HuntLonely HomeCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – From her album “Your Hair Is On Fire”, possibly a tribute to the late Michael Jackson.
  • 50:12 – LIVE SONG – My rendition of “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town” by Pearl Jam. One of my all time favourite bands. Hope the Eddie Vedder impression stands up.

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