RatholeRadio 84 – 5th Aug 2012

Posted on August 10, 2012

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The last Rathole Radio before all the OggCamp madness in takes over Liverpool on the 18th and 19th. I played a wide selection of tracks, featured quite a few Liverpool artists, talked a lot and had fun doing it. Enjoy.
00:00 – Louis Lingg and the BombsGoing Nowhere FastCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I really like this band and was recently reminded of them. I played a track way back on episode 10 almost 3 years ago now. Time flies hey. Their energy is fantastic and their fast cyber punk sound really gets me going.

06:16 – The CorinthiansPenguinsCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Friend of the show, I realised I haven’t played them in a while. They did their BBC session for Radio Merseyside recently. Glad to seem them doing well. Keep it up boys! Rah in the IRC channel tells us this is a cover of Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Check it out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJg1NNyke2E

12:20 – Rufus HokWorld On My ShouldersLicense Unknown – Rufus is another Liverpool artist I met a little while ago. He’s got a great bluesy voice and he’s always gigging around town. He’s got a new album out soon and he’s well worth checking out. This is an older track off Sound Cloud.

18:40 – Shoes4Brakes – Minnesota – License Unknown

22:00 – Johnny SandsLeave Me AloneLicense Unknown – Johnny is a good friend and well known around Liverpool. He runs the open mic night at LEAF on Tuesdays.

31:19 – The Kinevel Dead – Knife – License Unknown – I was tipped off to this by friend of the show Joe Ressington. This is a friend of his and he plays drums on the tracks, plus mixed them. He keeps busy that boy. This track is off the new album “And We Sleep”. There’s a launch party for that in London on Saturday August 25th at The Dublin Castle in Camden. Get along and enjoy the music you if you can.

33:45 – Stone PonyAcross TownAll Rights Reserved – This was sent to me ages ago by fellow AMP member Justin Wayne. It’s taken a while to get to the top of my listening queue but I’m glad it did. Stone Pony are a London band well worth checking out. This is taken from the 2012 album Rabble Rock Radio. You can get their music from Bandcamp.

40:58 – Abraham CastellonNor De Tu AmorCC BY-SA Licensed – I discovered this Spanish artist on Jamendo radio and I thought it might a slightly more summer vibe for those suffering crappy weather link the UK. He hails from Zaragoza and I have no idea what the song means. Something about love (amor). Isn’t it always?

50:18 – The Wind WhistlesGold FeverCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I played this band on the last show after discovering them on Jamendo radio. It seems I was behind the times though, Dave & Caroline from The Bugcast submitted this to AMPed and found them long before I.

60:00 – Jonathan DimmelYou Got ItCC BY-SA Licensed – Another track I heard via Jamendo radio. I love the sound of this slow melodic rock song. The production is also excellent. Jonathan hails from Nashville, Tenesse so he’s in the right place for music. You can find a lot of his music on Jamendo.

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