RatholeRadio 80 – 10th June 2012

Posted on June 12, 2012

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Normal service continues this week as I played an eclectic selection of the best independent music on the web and also chatted about all kinds of rubbish. I attempted a live song but broke a string halfway through and had to abort. So instead I’ve embedded the last live acoustic video I did on YouTube for your listening pleasure. Hope it makes up for it. Enjoy the show 🙂

  • 00:00 – Edward KhilTrololololLicense Unknown – This is a classic 1970’s Russian pop song. The original song was censored because the lyrics were deemed unsuitable by the state. So Khil just made random noises and removed all the words. It was rediscovered in recent years and has become an Internet phenomena. Apparently it’s sometimes known as the “Russian Rickroll”. He died just recently.
  • 06:09 – Panther SoloLap Quilting With Georgia Bonesteel  – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – This was sent to me by friend of the show Adrian McEwen and it’s actually by a mutual acquaintance of ours. Check out Paul’s music at the website and grab the album Buff Low Noise, it’s very good.
  • 09:43 – Lightnin SeedStone Root CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I heard this on CCHits recently and enjoyed it. More info.
  • 17:24 – You Me TreeLightsCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Friends of the show, the guys played last year at the 2011 roadshow and went down a storm. They are now called You Me Tree and released a self titled EP on May 18th. This is the third track from it. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks.
  • 21:30 – MerseycideRichardCC BY-NC Licensed – Also known as the Dick Limerick Academy on Soundcloud. These lads hail from Liverpool in case you couldn’t tell and I have to thank Graham Holland for sending them my way. After hearing some of the tracks I realised I’d actually seen them live doing a support slot last year.
  • 30:42 – Songs Of TreesMister ThanatosLicense Unknown – An artist submission this one. Kevin Osborne sent release my way and apparently in Greek mythology Thanatos is the Grim Reaper. Which gives the song some extra weight. Find more info at the Sounds Unique website.
  • 33:32 – errnoishappinessCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – The opening track from the last CCHits.net. A strange and experimental piece of music that I found interesting. Read info.
  • 43:32 – BryynLettace In My Pants (reprise) CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – I played a track by this Swiss artist, careful how you say that, last week. I heard this one via Jamendo and the title intrigued me. Love the mention of Charlie Sheen in the lyrics too.

48:54 – LIVE SONG20lb Sounds – “Change” (acoustic) — Aborted due to broken string mid song, gah! Probably for the best after hearing it back. Man it sounded rough. Apologies. Try the video below instead:

  • 53:35 – Radio StarA Common TaleCC BY-SA Licensed – Heard this via Jamendo radio and liked it a lot. The vocal style reminds me a bit of Robert Smith from The Cure in parts. There’s almost no information about this band on Jamendo so if you know any more please pass it on. Their profile is managed by Isotope Records who are based in Australia but has no links on it.
  • 62:12 – I Am Not LefthandedFalls To MeCC BY-NC-SA Licensed – From the new album The Fire & The Sigh which you can find at their website. The guys have relocated to California and seem to be doing really well. They’ve currently got a Kickstarter campaign up to fund their trip to play the North By Northeast Festival.

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